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Tuilte (Floods)

In the context of accelerating climate change, Tuilte features first-hand accounts of the devastation

Saturday 28th Oct. 4.30pm. The Courthouse. -  Sponsored By Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants

  •  The Cousin BrianDirector Órfhlaith Ní Chearnaigh
  • 50 minutes
  • Dearcán Media, 2023

 ... and personal cost of flooding in Belfast, Donegal, Monaghan and Galway. Explanations as to why floods are likely to persist and intensify into the near future, as well as community-based attempts to minimise the impact and cost of flooding across all of Ireland.

The documentary was produced by Rosie McNally from Dearcán Media and features a host of experts and activists including Clones-natives Brian Mac Domhnaill and Ross McDonald. Drone footage was provided by Patrick Mc Cabe from Corranny’s No Borders Media.

In what promises to be a very insightful afternoon, some of the contributors from the film and members of the production team will attend the screening and be available for a Q&A afterwards.



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