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Town of Strangers

Town of Strangers by award-winning Irish filmmaker Treasa O 'Brien is a 'hybrid' feature film using auditions, observational documentary and magical realist dream scenes.

Sunday 29th 12.30pm. The Old Post Office

  • Town of Strangers Director: Treasa O'Brien

  • 82 mins, Ireland 2021, Cert: Club

It is a documentary of the imagination, with many scenes transcending the genres of documentary and fiction, going deep into the experience of migration and home through cinematic methods. Filmed in the town of Gort, Co. Galway and featuring a cast of 'hippies', Irish Travellers, migrants, and refugees, we are ushered into their waking and dreaming worlds.

Director Treasa O'Brien worked closely with Oscar-nominated Joshua Oppenheimer, the Executive Producer of the film, to create the 'dream' scenes with the film's participants.
Town of Strangers was named as one of the best films of the year so far in the Guardian in June 2023.

“Beautiful, poetic. Town of Strangers leads us to reflect on ourselves, what it means to be an immigrant, how the passage of time makes us all strangers, somehow, in our own fleeting lives. The formal innovation and lyrical confection create a strange alchemy."  - Joshua Oppenheimer, Executive Producer Town of Strangers, Dir. The Act of Killing 

 Town of Strangers “So many documentaries you see now are exploitative or sensationalist. Town of Strangers, on the other hand, was complex and unresolved, mysterious and restrained, just like most real people.”  – Alice Maher, RTÉ Something for the Weekend


“★★★★ …a refreshing and invigorating experience” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian



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