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It's all about the films

So, now that autumn is here again, we are reminded of cosy fires, longer nights and FUN at the Clones Film Festival.

We will be selling tickets below and on facebook. Don't hesitate. BUY NOW!!


We will be adhering, to whatever recommendation the government has in action.  Currently we will remain at 60% capacity. We also require a Covid Declaration at entry to films.

The Bright Side at Clones Film Festival

Saturday 9:30 pm The Courthouse

Night after night she runs through her cynical, self-deprecating set, concluding with backstage beers and gambling with her equally jaded male colleagues.

Away at Clones Film Festival

Sunday 11am The Courthouse

Away is about a boy travelling across an island on a motorcycle, trying to escape a dark spirit and get back home.

Sunday 12.45 pm  - Courthouse

Our internationally popular short film competition has a fabulous Sunday afternoon of treats for you. We kick off with the Documentaries. THIS IS A FREE EVENT, we ask that you enter only in between the shorts. 

System Crasher (Systemsprenger) at Clones Film Festival

Sunday 1.30pm Post Office

Meet 9-year-old Benni: bright, charming and out of control. In the care system because of her violent outbursts, her own mother is afraid of her.

Short Fiction / Experimental short films at Clones Film Festival

Sunday 2.45pm  -  Courthouse

The in-house reaction so far to our Short Fiction / Experimental section is BEST YEAR YET ! Remember, THIS IS A FREE EVENT; we ask that you enter the auditorium only in between the shorts.

Minari at Clones Film Festival

Sunday 4pm Post Office

Originally from South Korea, Jacob and his family have relocated from California to Arkansas, so pursue a dream of owning a farm. 

Animations at Clones Film Festival

Sunday 5.30 pm  -  Courthouse

Do we crack jokes about Tom n'Jerry every year? Well, in in these PC days neither Thomas or Gerald will be shown this year. Only fabulous NEW animations on offer here.

Closing Night and ‘The Francies’ Awards at Clones Film Festival

Sunday 8 pm The Courthouse

So, who is going to win one of these gems this year...? AND This year will see the fifth(!) world premiere of our CFF-commissioned ‘Long Shorts’ film. 

Festival Club at Adamsons Bar

The festival Club at Adamsons is where the VERY BEST craic is had at the film festival. We've filled our minds with filmic bliss, now we chat, dance or just listen to the best musical line ups around.

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