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The queries commence

We now open our post boxes and email folders to all those creatives wishing to make a short film. In the Menu click "Short Film Commission", when you do you will be catapulted onto the....."Short Film Commission" page where you will be able to gather the necessary applications and criteria for our commission.

Clones Film Festival Dates 2023

October Bank Holiday Weekend 26th - 29th October

We thank everyone who took part, attended films and especially those who had FUN and look forward to the next go around later this year, and hope that you will want to return. For most of the CFF team, it's time now to put our feet up, gather out thoughts, chew the cud (it's what us country folk do) and think of how we can engage the captive minds you all have, Thurday Evening October 26th - Till Sunday Night the 29th of October 2023.


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Closing Night and ‘The Francies’ Awards at Clones Film Festival

Sunday 8 pm The Courthouse

So, who is going to win one of these gems this year...? AND This year will see the fifth(!) world premiere of our CFF-commissioned ‘Long Shorts’ film. 

Closing night at CFF has come to mean only one thing – ‘The Francies’. Named in honour of Francie Brady in Pat McCabe’s ‘The Butcher Boy’, the awards have been designed by Jason Crowley. Jason responded to the motif of the pig, which is central to ‘The Butcher Boy’, and fashioned these memorable awards in solid bronze.

So, who is going to win one of these gems this year...?

Awards are presented to the winners of Best Fiction / Experimental, Best Documentary and Best Animation from our short film programmes. We will also present an audience award to the most popular film on the night, chosen by the viewers from the three aforementioned winners and our commissioned film. It is a gala night not to be missed and since its inception has been a booked-out affair. The awards ceremony will once again take place in the historic surroundings of the Courthouse.


This year will see the fifth(!) world premiere of our CFF-commissioned ‘Long Shorts’ film. Chosen from a large number of very strong proposals by the selection committee, ‘The Wall’ was shot by Director Jason Brannigan’s and his team in September.

You might have seen them work at some prominent locations in and around Clones. ‘The Wall’ tells the story of a grieving father and daughter who try to reconcile their relationship in the wake of a personnel tragedy. The film stars, among others, Joe Hanley and Nadia Forde as well as a host of local sights and, as always, the people of Clones were more than generous in supporting the crew. Thank you!

Afterwards, make your way over to the Festival Club to see the festival out with us, singing (well, belting out) your favourite tunes with Aoife McElwain and the Sing Along Social in Adamson’s Bar. Don’t say you haven’t been warned… book your seat early for the glitz and glamour of Clones’ very own Oscars night!

Soliciting a savvy social sharing scheme

We all know that word of mouth is the very best form of recommendation. People take you at your word and go with that advice. We want to enjoy the benefit of the glowing recommendations we have heard so many of you say, so please take a few minutes to share those utterances with your friends. 

  • WHAT WILL ‘SHARING’ DO FOR CLONES FILM FESTIVAL? Simply put, if we can keep our promotional cost to a minimum, this enables our team to bring our audiences more films. We hear you say "WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?" Well, we're glad you asked, as simply "LIKING" is not enough. Here's a list of things that you could do to help:
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We have added a ticket purchasing facility to our website.  This means that you will be able to "Share" a screening you would like to go to with a friend and they too can buy a ticket. Or if you see a listing for a film that a friend was talking about, then go ahead, SHARE it with them. We're guessing that if you've read this far, you realise that our general wish is that you "share" our stuff.


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