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Short Films Sunday Afternoon - FREE

Short Films | 1pm- 6.30 pm | ALL FREE

As usual, we are presenting a selection of some of the best Irish and international short live action and documentary films. Sponsored by McElvaney's Waste & Recycling

Our Short Film Judges

Colum Stapleton

Colum Stapleton

Colum Stapleton has been making documentaries since the mid-90s. , Winner of Grand Prize Documentary Feature 2004, San Francisco GreenCine, he went to the Amazon to chart the evolution of a community that fuses Christianity & plant hallucinogens.

Ciara O'Shaughnessy

Ciara O'Shaughnessy

Ciara O'Shaughnessy is an animator and past student of BCFE where she graduated with a BA (Hons) in Animation. She is currently working as a background artist on a feature length film in Soilsiú films.

Ciaran Crudden

Ciaran Crudden

Ciaran Crudden is an exciting creative talent from Co. Fermanagh with over a decade's experience working at some of the leading creative agencies in the UK & Ireland.

In all categories we are showcasing talent from all over the world. The winners in each category will be awarded with one of our ubiquitous Francie awards at our closing ceremony on Sunday night.

Some of the short films deal with adult themes and may contain scenes of a violent or sexual nature and strong language.

Short Documentaries, Sunday, 1pm, Courthouse

  • Home Street Stories 11.50 Scott Altman
  • Foy Vance To Memphis 13.35 Gregg Houston
  • The Bomb 1.48 Bob Jones
  • Mosney 8.48 Ciaran Hackey
  • Taodh le Taodh 5.29  Kev L Smith
  • The Vasectomy Dr 10.47 Paul Webster

Short Fiction / Experimental, Sunday, 2.15 pm, Courthouse

  • Starry Night 13.54 Emma Smith
  • Caitlin 13.40 Emer Conroy
  • The Big Race 10.00  John Williams
  • Troubles 11.21  Jonathan Harden
  • Silence 12.35 Tristan Heanue
  • Mother 9.14 Natasha Waugh
  • Low Tide 14.26 Ian Hunt Duffy

Short Animation, Sunday, 5pm, Courthouse

  • Creation 10.13 Pawel Kleszczewski & Kasia Zimnoch
  • Streets of Fury 5.00 Aidan McAteer
  • Prey 5.59 Sun Jing
  • The 3 Me’s 2.00 Simon Daniels
  • 2.3 x 2.6 x 3.2 3.47 Jiaqi Wang
  • Mni Wiconi: Water is Life 2.44 Miguel Antonto Genz & Jeremias Galante
  • The Beekeeper 6.30 Robyn Conroy
  • Where I Am When I Am Not With You 3.21 Cyane Tornatzky
  • The Squid 3.32 George Hampshire
  • Dorothy 3.22 Ann Upton
  • 24 2.40 Brian Yulo Ng
  • BUBBLES 2.58 Rachel Fitzgerald
  • Lady Isobel & The Elf Knight 7.57 Cashell Horgan


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