Judges Award 2014


Alone at home..... 

Audience Award 2014

The Drive

An unhappy mother struggles to connect with her infant daughter.

Short Film Challenge begins 12pm Friday 28th October

Delivery deadline is 12pm on Sunday Oct 30th

Currently the Submission format is HD 720 25fps


Note: There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule under any circumstances.
 Late films may be screened but will not be judged in the competition.
No footage is to be shot before 12pm Friday 28th October.

Teams can prepare the following in advance: graphics, music, voiceover, sound FX, opening and closing titles
All music rights must be cleared in advance.

Teams  need to have signed location agreements for  all locations used for filming (provided by CFF). 
Teams will need to have signed release forms for all actors/contributors (provide by CFF).
 Max running time of completed film is 9 minutes. Minimum is 3 minutes.            

  • Teams are requested to arrive in Clones by 11am on Friday 28th October

  • Teams must be able attend the awards ceremony on Sunday 30th October
  • Teams are free to visit at any time before the start of the challenge to review and meet cast etc.
  • All films must have ‘Clones Film Festival 2015 in association with‘……. title logo (we will supply a link and advise all to download BEFORE you get to Clones) and acknowledge CFF funders and the sponsors at the end (details will be supplied)
  • Credits must include the following Executive Producers: Clones Film Festival

In the interests of courtesy to local help, an acknowledgement of any person who assists your project is essential. PA's should note any relevant names for inclusion in titles. 

For any local assistance, in the first instance email Seamie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Teams are not expected to present evidence of how their budget was spent.

€300 will be handed over at the familiarisation meeting on  Friday 28th October at 11am. €100 will be held back until we receive the final edit of the film which will be by 5 December 2016.


Clones Film Festival will have the right to distribute the film to other festivals as a showpiece for CFF and to use for any other promotional purposes.

Filmmakers will retain the right to enter the film independently to other film festivals but Clones Film Festival must be informed.

Any revenues earned from internet/broadcast licensing will be split 50/50 between filmmaker and CFF.


The judging panel is ‘a broad church’ with no prescribed criteria per se. The Judges are not obliged to reveal or enter into any discussion about their judging processes.

 These rules are also subject to change at the organisers' discretion.