2016 Dates are 27 - 30 October

"If I want to quantify anything, I measure it against Clones." Neil Jordan 

It's Short Film Submission Season
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Ireland’s Biggest Little Film Festival

Clones Film Festival - Ireland’s Biggest Little Film Festival - will once again offer an action-packed programme featuring new Irish & international cinema releases, interviews, documentaries, short film competitions, children’s films and live music festival club this October bank holiday weekend (Thurs 27 – Sun 30 October 2016). This is the 15th year of CFF and screenings will be hosted in Clones Courthouse, the old Post Office and other venues around town.

48-hour Short Film Challenge

This year, the tenth 48-hour Short Film Challenge will take place over the CFF weekend. Teams of filmmakers descend on Clones from all over the country to write, shoot, edit and screen their short on Sunday night, at the notorious ‘Francies’ awards ceremony - so named in honour of our icon Francie Brady from “The Butcher Boy”. Writer Patrick McCabe has been a longstanding honorary patron of Clones Film Festival.

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Soliciting a savvy social sharing scheme

We all know that word of mouth is the very best form of recommendation. People take you at your word and go with that advice. We want to enjoy the benefit of the glowing recommendations we have heard so many of you say, so please take a few minutes to share those utterances with your friends. 

  • WHAT WILL ‘SHARING’ DO FOR CLONES FILM FESTIVAL? Simply put, if we can keep our promotional cost to a minimum, this enables our team to bring our audiences more films. We hear you say "WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?" Well, we're glad you asked, as simply "LIKING" is not enough. Here's a list of things that you could do to help:
  • Share our Facebook entries on your timeline
  • Comment on our Facebook entries
  • Mention a friend’s Facebook name if you think they might be interested in a comment or a film
  • Share Clones Film Festival’s website by copying and pasting the following URL: http://www.clonesfilmfestival.com/ in your "Facebook status"
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This year we have added a ticket purchasing facility to our website.  This means that you will be able to "Share" a screening you would like to go to with a friend and they too can buy a ticket. Or if you see a listing for a film that a friend was talking about, then go ahead, SHARE it with them. We're guessing that if you've read this far, you realise that our general wish is that you "share" our stuff.


Permitted Quotations

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